PS3 Seamheads Get A Custom Controller When MLB 11 Arrives

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To go with its new analog controls, MLB 11 The Show is going on a new controller - this baseball-themed DualShock, timed to release with the game on March 8.


Further, SCEA is saying that if you reserve and buy your copy of MLB 11 The Show, you'll be entitled to 30 days of MLB TV for free, over your PS3. The console began offering the service last year. With it you may see your favorite team's "out of market" games - that means, not the home team broadcast but the visiting team's feed. Of course, as you're claiming this subscription in March, and the regular season doesn't begin until April, you'll be waiting 30 days or watching the service's archived footage.

As for the controller, I have to say I approve. It's an appealing, minimalist design that won't become dated by using this year's logo. It's $54.99 and works just like the ol' reliable DualShock.

MLB 11 The Show: Twins All-Star Joe Mauer Returns as Cover Athlete [PlayStation Blog]



a month of mlb tv? Isn't that like half the cost of the game?

Not bad of a deal. I'm seriously considering picking a ps3 up just so I can get a decent mlb game.

Unless they start bringing over more mlb power pros or make another MVP game...

How much longer does 2k even have the mlb license?