PS3 Scores Exclusive Dante's Inferno Divine Edition

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Early access to the demo was just the beginning, as Visceral Games announces the Dante's Inferno Divine Edition, a PlayStation 3 exclusive version of the game packed with extra content at no additional cost.


The Dante's Inferno Divine Edition is the version all PlayStation 3 owners will be receiving once the game is released on February 9th, so there's no need to worry about changing over your preorders or making sure you don't get a gimped version accidentally. Whether they want it or not, they're getting it. What are they getting? On top of the game itself, the Divine Edition comes with developer commentaries, a Wayne Barlow digital art book, the game's soundtrack, and a digital copy of the complete Longfellow translation of Dante Alighieri's Inferno.

If you have told me three years ago that a PlayStation 3 game would be packed with the Longfellow translation of anything, I would have been impressed by your strange thought process and bought you an alcoholic beverage of your choosing.


"We are thrilled to offer an exclusive game pack for PlayStation 3 gamers," said Jonathan Knight, Executive Producer for Dante's Inferno. "The PlayStation platform has a long history of delivering AAA action/adventure games. Adding Dante's Inferno to that rich catalogue is very exciting for the team. And with the demo now available on the PlayStation Network, players can finally get a taste of what awaits them in the full game on Feb 9th."

The Divine Edition of Dante's Inferno certainly contains enough additional content to justify jacking the price up another $10, but EA is delivering this treat to PlayStation 3 owners for just $59.99, the same price Xbox 360 owners will pay for their plain vanilla version, barring any forthcoming announcements of special content for Microsoft console owners.

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Joel Rubin

Thank you, EA, for the yet another hearty "fuck you" to 360 owners, who comprise more than half, and in the US two-thirds, of your potential customers. I'm certain this will have NO adverse effect on 360 sales whatsoever. I'm certain that none of the large chunk of people looking forward to this game who will (would have) been buying this on the 360 (easily more than half) will not feel the least bit slighted or ignored or underappreciated.

And to cut off the inevitable flood of "Haha, buy a PS3 you LOSER" idiot backwash, I can't afford every fucking system on Planet Earth, and it would be nice to not feel I should have to. Multi-platform means multi-platform.

So, EA, suck a dick. You've lost a sale, probably a few thousand or more. It's not at all hard to just buy this used and you make no profit. Your marketing department and exclusive deal with Sony has now cost Visceral Games programmers rather hard-earned money.

Congratulations, you've bought a nickel for a dollar! Yay!