PS3/PSP Sales Up, Overall Software Sales Down

In a financial report released today, Sony reports PS3 software sales were on the rise in first quarter 2008. In Q4 2007, 16.8 million units of PS3 software were shifted worldwide compared to 22.8 million in Q1 2008 — that's an increase of 18.1 million units! The financial report does not specify if that includes purchased PSN games or not. PSP worldwide software sales were also up: In Q1 2008, 11.8 million units were moved, which is an increase of 2 million over the last quarter. While both PS3 and PSP sales were up, PS2 sales were down. Because of that Sony states, it means that overall software sales for the PlayStation platforms were down as well. Q1 2008 saw 19.3 million units sold, and that's a decrease of 11.8 million units.


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