Having recently blocked the new PlayStation 3 piracy devices via a firmware update, Sony has finally released its first retail game that forces users to upgrade to the same firmware.


The PlayStation 3 version of Medal of Honor is the first game to ship with the 3.42 firmware - which combats the use of devices like the PSJailbreak - included on the disc, meaning it must be installed before the game is played.

As more and more games ship with updated firmware bundled on the disc, fewer and fewer games will work on the current versions of the jailbreak devices.

The emphasis is on "current", though, as just like Sony's updates, the makers of the jailbreak chips are theoretically able to upgrade their firmware, which would result in a cat-and-mouse game between pirates and platform holders.

It's important to note, however, that these jailbreak have yet to receive such an update, and indeed may never be able to be upgraded to a stage where they can once again circumvent Sony's copy protection security.


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