The PS3's doing well in Japan, but compared to the unstoppable Wii and the coming-along 360, Sony wish it was doing better. So much so that SCE Worldwide boss Shuhei Yoshida believes that many Japanese punters are waiting on the sidelines, and are yet to see anything on the system to make buying one worthwhile. So who's to blame? Japanese publishers, of course.

It’s mostly a software thing. Price is important, but relative to the the value consumers perceive. There are lots of consumers, game fans in Japan, that are waiting to spend their money. What’s happening is that lack of support from the Japanese publishers - not necessarily from intentions but from development capabilities.

What do you mean lack of support? Look how many of the PS3's best exclusive games are from Japan! There's Metal Gear Solid 4, and...and...oh, I see. Yoshida: PS3’s lack of fortunes in Japan is “mainly a software thing” [VG247]