Gather around everyone! It's Peter Molyneux talking time. Oh boy, do we ever love Peter Molyneux talking time. In today's episode, the Fable 2 designer tells us where the PS3 currently stands. Says Molyneux:

It is always one or two games which define a platform — it's the same for the Wii, and the PlayStation 2... I think the PlayStation 3 is still waiting for that definition title that represents the platform - and I think that's what hardware manufacturers need to do, find that defining title... Nintendo did a brilliant job of doing that at launch with games like Wii Sports and Wii Play — maybe Fable 2 is a defining title. But you are talking to the proud father of this game, so you can't ask me to be tremendously objective.

No, of course not. PS3 still waiting for its defining games - Molyneux [GamesIndustry]