PS3 Hacker Wants Your Money To Fight Sony

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When George Hotz isn't rapping, he's fighting Sony in court. And fighting Sony in court is expensive.


Sony is a multi-national corporation with gobs of moolah. George Hotz is just some guy, but some guy who hacked the iPhone and now the PS3. The PlayStation 3 hacking incited Sony to take Hotz to court, and the young hacker is asking for donations to help build his legal team.

"Sony is lame, and is suing me for hacking MY OWN PS3," Hotz writes on his blog. "Help me own them in court."

Continuing, Hotz writes, "I am an advocate against mass piracy, do not distribute anyone's copyrighted work but my own, do not take crap lying down, and am even pro DRM in a sense." Hotz says he believes Apple has the right to "lock down" their phone, just as he has the right to unlock, hack it, smash it, jailbreak it, whatever. "Fortunately," he says, "the courts agree with me on this point."

Hotz has racked up over $10,000 in legal bills. "Put it this way, Sony has 5 lawyers, I have 2," Hotz adds, underscoring that he does take the whole matter seriously. "I'd like to level the playing field, and really get some hard hitters in there."

The hacker says it looks like this is going to be a long, drawn out case, so he needs all the help he can get. "I am in this for the long haul," states Hotz, who also says he will be the first person in line when Sony launches its upcoming gaming phone, Xperia Play. Hope the guy doesn't need donations for that, too.


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Wow, not a single comment of support for the guy. Really, Kotaku? I thought this place was swarming with technophiles. By unlocking the console he gave the rest of the community a chance to mess around with the hardware, design software geared at their own interests. So one application of that gained knowledge is using it for piracy, who cares? How does that hurt you? Are you too busy sitting in your basements crying that your favorite little studio is going to shut down now that nooooooooobody is going to buy their games any longer to see that this has zero effect on the future of gaming? Great games will continue to be made regardless, and every device will be hacked eventually, it was just a matter of time.

Also, as opposed to what some people apparently think in this thread, hackers aren't all teenagers with too much time on their hands. They're regular people with regular jobs, some people like to fish as a hobby, some people like to write code.