PS3 Hacker Resigned to Prison Sentence after Money Dries Up

American hacker George Hotz got all the headlines for his exploits trying to bring Linux back to the PS3, but he was only one of many working towards the same goal. And while Hotz today walks free, not everybody is so lucky.

Fellow hacker Alexander "graf_chokolo" Egorenkov, whose home was raided in February by police, has written on his blog that with his money having run out to fight Sony in court, he is "going to jail soon probably because [he] cannot pay court costs."


Last we heard Egorenkov was being sued by Sony for €1,000,000. That's obviously a sum the average human can't ever pay back, hence the preparation for alternative punishment.

Now, until a judge actually sentences him he's not going anywhere, but this does serve as a reminder that if you want to do what many see as the right thing, you have to be ready to fight for it. Like, really fight for it. Because the companies on the other side have a lot more money and lawyers than you ever will.


Comment 6364 [graf_chokolo, via Edge]

(Top photo: Getty)

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