PS3 Hacker's Home Raided By Police

It would appear as though Sony is not screwing around when it comes to going after PS3 hackers. While in the US this means gentle lawsuits, in Germany, it means police raids.

Earlier this week, German hacker "graf_chokolo" was on the receiving end of a visit from police (and a representative from Sony), who had arrived to seize his computers and PlayStation 3 consoles for use as evidence in an upcoming court battle. OK, so it obviously wasn't a NOBODY MOVE GET YOUR FACE ON THE GROUND kind of raid, but still.


It's bad news for graf_chokolo, but also for Sony, as only half an hour after first telling the world of the raid via his blog, the hacker had managed to upload his work — aimed at cracking open the PS3 and getting Linux back up and running on the console — on the internet for countless others to toil away on.

While Sony Computer Entertainment Europe was unable to provide details on the incident, as it is a legal matter, a spokesman was able to confirm that the police visit and seizure did indeed take place.

[via PSX-Scene]

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