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PS3 Hacker Flees the Long Arm of Sony for South American Freedom

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The saga of George "geohot" Hotz continues, hurtling deeper into absurdity with each growing unit of acceleration. He fought the law and lost—a judge demanded he hand over his PS3-hack relevant hard drives. His answer? I'm out, bitches.

According to a court document filed by Sony in its noble, interminable battle to prevent people from altering their own PlayStations,

Hotz had deliberately removed integral components of his impounded hard drives prior to delivering them to a third party neutral and...Hotz is now in South America, an excuse for why he will not immediately provide the components of his hard drives as requested by the neutral. Hotz's attempts to dodge this Court's authority raise very serious questions.


That tricky dog! South America, by our estimation, is a pretty large continent, so it'll be tough for Sony's legal goons to track him down if that's the most specific idea they have of his whereabouts. Will geohot return to the US? Has he been signed to a Peruvian rap label? Is he currently lying in a tent deep in Patagonia, hacking away at a PS3 off a diesel generator? Is he sipping a pina colada on the beaches of Rio?


Fly away, geohot—fly far, and be free! [VGHQ via Ubergizmo]

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