PS3 Gets Its Last Rebellion In February

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Early 2010 offers PlayStation 3 owners one more option in the form of Nippon Ichi and Hitmaker's Last Rebellion, the action oriented role-playing game with not one, but two protagonists! The game is now dated for sometime in February.


That's according to the PS3 game's official site, which should explain just what Last Rebellion is, for those who don't remember it. It should also shed some light on heroes Nine the Blade and Aisha the Sealer and why the game's character switching mechanic is needed to slay all those undead Belzeds.


Other things to learn about this PlayStation 3 exclusive: who and what Lorvin, Arzelide, Junovald, Meiktilia, and Formival are. Your best pronunciations are welcome in the comments.

Last Rebellion [NIS America]

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