PS3 Fallout "Compares Poorly" Review Explained

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Magazine PSM3 reviewed upcoming title Fallout 3. It's an exclusive review, and a review that's been leaked onto the internet. One link from that review seems to have stuck out: "The PS3 version compares poorly to its Xbox and PC counterparts." Thankfully, PSM3 is putting out fires and explaining what the publication meant by that. The PC version, PSM3 states, looks "gorgeous". Continuing, "he Xbox 360 version's textures are noticeably rougher than on PC," but it does have a "solid framerate." That leaves the PS3. According to the publication's reviewer:

NOW, the PS3 version looks the same as on Xbox, but things in the distance are slightly jaggier/rougher, the textures seem 'muddier' up-close and the frame rate is choppier, especially during the last few story missions (which may be the same on Xbox, but we've not seen the equivalent scenes to comment)... So, really, the difference between the Xbox and PS3 versions won't hamper your enjoyment of the game in ANY WAY. High-res textures or not, it's still the same huge, epic, absorbing, brilliant adventure. And if you're bothered by a slightly inferior frame rate and fractionally blurrier textures, then perhaps, yes, you'd best buy the Xbox version, leaving the rest of us to enjoy an almost-identical, equally brilliant, game on PS3...


There you go. Fallout 3 looks rubbish on PS3 [CVG]

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The good thing about LBP, MGS4, K2, and R2 is that users won't have a chance at seeing how well they would have performed on the 360 :-(

That's the advantage of first party PS3 games — they can boast that such games wouldn't have been technically possible on the 360, because no one would program it to begin with.