From Software's exclusive PS3 role-playing-game Demon's Souls isn't exactly getting stellar reviews. It doesn't matter. The game is flying off selected Japanese store shelves.

According to these photos, the game has sold out at both Yodobashi Cameras in Shinjuku, Bic Camera in Shinjuku, a Sofmap (dunno where!) and a TSUTAYA (ditto!).

The game went on sale February 5th, and some retailers don't think they'll be getting in another shipment until today or tomorrow. The brisk sales might be the result of low initial shipments not anticipating this type of demand.

Click through the gallery below for the sold out signs. Be aware that Japanese retailers keep empty plastic cases on store shelves with the actual stock behind the counter.



超マゾゲーと評判のPS3「デモンズソウル」が都内で品切れ続出! [はちま起稿]