PS3 Emulation Makes Huge Strides, Can Now Play Uncharted

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The team behind RPCS3, an emulator designed to let you play PS3 games on a PC, have made a ton of progress since we last checked in on the project, with the program now able to run—if not perfectly play—some of the biggest and best games on the PS3.


The reasons why are of course pretty technical (though you can read them here if you want to take a look), but the end result is that Uncharted now boots and is playable, and improvements have been made to a range of games from Ratchet & Clank to God of War to LittleBigPlanet to Gran Turismo.

Now, as with most emulation stories, “playable” is used only in the most literal sense. Most of these games still have huge issues, from single-digit framerates to broken shadows to texture horror shows. The point here is the progress being made, not the end result.

The ability to play games like Uncharted 3, The Last Of Us and Killzone 3 is also inching forwards, with each of those games now able to at least boot to a title screen before crashing.

There’s a detailed game-by-game breakdown of what’s been improved recently at the project’s site.

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Hey Sony! Hire these people to set up a emulator for the PS4. Don’t keep feeding us the same crap that the architecture is too different. It’s similar enough that these people can make a emulator for a PC. Sure, it’ll take time and money. But you’re on top right now. Why not tread on the competition a bit more, and help the consumer at the same time?

On a different note, are these the people Atlus is taking legal action against since they used Persona IP to promote their emulator? Or is it someone else entirely? I’d be surprised if they continued work on emulating after being contacted by Atlus.