Persona 5 Is Now Playable On The PC (Via Emulation)

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In April, we posted a video of Persona 5 running quite poorly on the PC via an emulator. Now, only a few months later, it’s looking fantastic.

Thanks to the tireless work of the team behind the RCPS3 emulator, the game—which I described in April as playable only “if you like suffering”—is now playable in the true sense of the word, with acceptable framerates throughout, fixes to some glaring visual issues and an absence of any gltiches that will kill the game. Most importantly, they’ve had users successfully complete the game, just to make sure it all works.

Below is a video the RCPS3 team put together showing the progress they’ve made since Persona 5 was first released on the PS3:

Persona 5 isn’t officially/legally available on the PC, and is originally from a system that is yet to be fully and properly emulated, so I find the technical progress being made on this to get around those limitations fascinating.


I am now going to use this platform to politely ask Sega to release a Persona anthology (or at least Persona 3, 4 & 5) on the PC. Thank you for your time.

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Gene Jacket

PS3 emulation has got to require an ungodly beast of a machine to run well enough to be considered anywhere in the vicinity of playable.