PS3 Bandit's Larceny Plans Foiled by Store Manager

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Protip: Aluminum foil is only useful for protecting you from the mind-controlling radio signals sent out by the CIA. If you're using it to shoplift games, all it does is attract the attention of the store manager.

Tabatha Edington, 23, of Prescott, Ariz., (pictured) just learned this the hard way. Cops say she tried to make off with nine new PlayStation 3 games by wrapping them in aluminum foil, presumably to defeat the scanners located at the store entrance.

Thing is, store managers are paid to notice things like people wrapping merchandise in aluminum foil and then putting them in a paper bag in her shopping cart. Cops met up with Edington, the two sides briefly embraced, and now she is in the slammer.


Edington, who "yelled profanities and was uncooperative," is looking at felony burglary charges, of all things, for stealing nine games valued at $593.79. That's an average price of $65.97, meaning at least one was a special edition. My money's on it being Madden NFL 12.

Woman in Jail for Allegedly Trying to Steal Games [The Daily Courier]

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Don't forget sales tax - if each game was brand new, it'd add maybe $5-$6 a game. No special edition needed.

Not that it matters ^^ That woman was a moron. Where did she think yelling and being uncooperative would get her? She was CAUGHT trying to steal the games. Did she somehow think she was entitled to any of it?

...I just don't get some people.