Sony have a chequered past when it comes to advertising their consoles. Some ads have been memorable, others, highly controversial. And while they're now just mostly memorable in the US and Europe, in Chile, they're...using Nazis.


These two award-winning print ads, put together by Chilean agency BBDO, depict a Regular Joe - presumably someone who has bought, or is about to buy a PS3 - on a hospital bed. In one, he's giving a heart transplant to Joan of Arc. A flame-resistant suit may have been a better option, but then, it's not as touching.

But in the other? The same Regular Joe is in a Nazi hospital (complete with swastika bed heads) giving a blood transfusion to the Desert Fox himself, Feldmarschall Erwin Rommel. Who, despite escaping the war with his reputation (if not his life) in tact, was at the end of the day still a Nazi general. So...if you buy a PS3, you Rommel, the war for the Nazis?


Update: Hey! Those aren't PlayStation ads!

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