Illustration for article titled PS3 Ad Spills Beans On TV Show Downloads?

Certainly appears so. There's a new PS3 ad doing the rounds, one which shows off each of the console's main features. One of the features shown is the PlayStation Store, and in particular the kind of stuff you can download. Now, I'm not one to go making bold presumptions as to the multimedia plans of Sony corp., but that screengrab above - taken from the PS Store part of the commercial - shows a lot of TV network icons. Which, I don't know, at least strongly suggests the (entirely feasible/expected) idea of TV show downloads for the PlayStation Store. Pessimists could say no, that they're just the latest selection of corporate-funded buddy icons, but then, with a Sony press event scheduled for this Friday, pessimists may well be totally wrong. Full ad's after the jump if you're interested.


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