PS2/PSP Sales "Healthy." PS3 Sales? Still Waiting To Take Off...

That's Atindriya Bose, country manager of PlayStation India. He's here to tell us all about India, a growth region Sony has been supporting full force. While Bose calls PS2 and PSP sales "healthy," the exec notes that the PS3 still has yet to take off. "While most people buy genuine PS2s and PSPs," says Bose, "they tend to buy PS3s from the grey market due to the heavy price." What's more, Bose says the recently-launched-in-India DS hasn't much affected the PSP sales. The country still does not have the online infrastructure for the PSN as it would take some users days to download games. Click through the link below for more from Bose on topics like outsourcing and the future of PlayStation India. Interview: Athindriya Bose [The Regal Gamer via PS3 Fanboy]


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