PS Vita Price Cut to $199; Memory Cards Reduced, Too [Update]

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The price PlayStation Vita's price has dropped to $199 in North America and 199EU. It takes effect immediately. Sony also is trimming the price of the Vita's proprietary memory cards in both regions.


The 32GB and 16 GB memory cards both will get $20 reductions—dropping to $79.99 for the 32GB and $39.99 for the 16GB. The 8GB will drop to $19.99 ($10 off) and the 4GB card is $14.99 ($5 off.)

In 2012, the North America launch price for the 3G Vita was $299, while the WiFi model was launched with a $249 price. Sony cut the price of the handheld in Japan back in February. The Nintendo 3DS XL also retails for $199 in North America.


Dr. M to the J, PhD

"Effective immediately" otherwise known as "effective at Target last weekend and Best Buy yesterday".

But whatever, I will finally be buying a Vita.