Prove Your Metal, Win a Kick-Ass Shirt

There are things you can debate about Brutal Legend, but one thing is an absolute fact: It's METAL, pure METAL!

But how about you gamer? Are you metal? I'm sure you say you are, but are you really metal? Like as metal as the German guy who stopped me at the train station in Cologne to hug me and shout "Fucking Metal" in my face?


If you are, then maybe you're one of the 40 people who will be lucky enough to win a Mishka Brutal Legend T-shirt.

Here's the deal. All you have to do is drop in a photo of yourself in pure metal pose, proving your metalocitiy, in the comments to this thread. We''ll randomly select among the metal posers... ha.... 40 winners.

The contest is open to anyone in the world... who loves metal. No promise on which of the two designs you'll land if you win or what size you'll get. But we'll try our best.


Now, get to the posing and posting. Submit your picture by Dec. 2 and we'll announce the winners on Dec. 4.


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