Prototype Movie Trailer Isn't What You Think It Is

There's a movie coming out next year called The Prototype. It stars a "man" in a hoodie who is on the run, being hunted for his extraordinary powers. Combine the plot with the name and you'd be forgiven for assuming it's a movie about Activision's Prototype series.


But it's not.

The Prototype the movie is about a military robot that escapes containment, and has to defend itself while on the run, all the while playing around with ideas of what it is to be human.

It looks interesting. And the robot itself looks great, falling somewhere between Mike Mignola's Kroenen (from Hellboy) and Mass Effect's Geth.

But that name, huh? Sure, it's got a "the" in front of it, but as I bet you thought that headline suggested this was an adaptation of Activision's open-world series, so too have a ton of other people (check the clip's YouTube comments, if you dare). The fact it stars a killer with special powers wearing a hoodie to disguise his face only makes things more confusing.

While this isn't a legal issue, it might be a pain for publishers and developers should this movie ever see a video game tie-in. Which, given the nature of the film, the combat and even the presence of an established first-person perspective, isn't a crazy assumption, especially if the movie is a hit.

Fun fact: the leading "man" is played by Joseph Mawle, who you may know most recently as Benjin Stark on Game of Thrones.



I don't for see a video game tie-in. This movie seems so low budget. Didn't recognize any of the actors. Almost cant believe that this is gonna be in theaters. Looks like an indie film. I', not saying it doesn't look interesting. I'll probably see it when it comes out but I doubt it'll be like the next big thing.