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Prototype, Bourne Devs Given The Arse By Activision

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In July, Activision said they'd be "realigning" staff at High Moon Studios (Darkwatch, Bourne) and Radical Entertainment (Prototype), following their merger with Vivendi. "Realigning" is such an empty word. What they really meant was they'd be swinging the axe, cutting around 160 employees from the two studios. Around 100 are to be let go from Radical, while it's estimated around 50-60 are to be "realigned" right out of High Moon. While those are some big cuts, neither studio is to be closed, and work on Prototype and future Bourne games should continue. Radical layoffs at Radical Entertainment [Vancouver Sun] Report: High Moon Lays Off Staff, Post-Vivendi Merger [Gamasutra] [Pic]