How Am I Supposed To Blow Bubbles In This Thing? | I got a box of Prototype 2 swag. It included a pack of gum, a t-shirt, some stickers and this face mask. Huh...

Nerds and Male Privilege

I want to tell you a story.
A few years ago, I was dating a girl who was decidedly not nerd curious. She tolerated my geeky interests with a certain bemused air but definitely didn't participate in ‘em… not even setting foot inside a comic store on new comic day. More »


This Guy Unboxes his PS Vita, Plays It, Seems Happy

The PlayStation Vita is on the verge of release in Japan, and this guy has one. What's it like to get your own Vita and start playing games on it? Watch this video, and pretend you're this guy. More »


I'm an Actor. I'm a Gamer. But I'm No Street Fighter

I recently was given a part in The Game Station's 6-episode miniseries called "The Street Fighter," and I didn't even have to blackmail anyone for a role this time! More »


Star Wars Xbox 360 Spotted on TV Set, Rumored April Release

The Star Wars Themed Xbox 360 that quietly went on hiatus after a splashy unveiling may be prepping for a spring release, a source tells Kotaku.
The console, which features a R2D2 inspired look and boot-up sound, is being used on the set of a popular network television show. More »


Hating the VGAs Is Boring

Last Saturday, I purposefully hurt myself. I tuned to Spike TV, a network I never watch, to check out the Spike Video Game Awards. I knew what I was getting into, but rather than rage against the banality of television, I decided to try to take the high road. More »


The Problem With Women's Armor, According to a Man Who Makes Armor

Ryan, aka "Jabberwock" makes armor. He therefore knows more about armor than I do and maybe more than I do.
He has noticed, as you might have, that the armor that some female characters wear in video games, comics and movies is ridiculous. More »

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