Protoss Pro Plays Legacy of the Void How It's Meant To Be Played

Pretty impressive from a “retired” player who no longer participates in tournaments and only plays and streams StarCraft II for fun. But hey it’s MC, one of the best Protoss players in the world. New units? New gameplay mechanics? It certainly doesn’t matter to him, as this recently recorded replay proves.


It’s a long video but there’s a moment starting at the 4hr3min mark where things go absolutely insane that’s worth watching. MC goes up against a Terran SKT player (so it’s not just some rookie from Gold League) and tries to attack his main with a few Stalkers, a Warp Prism, and a bunch of Sentries, Immortals and Adepts added to the mix. And he’s using all these units’ abilities perfectly and insanely fast. He blinks with the Stalkers and puts them in the Warp Prism just when they’re about to die, blocks the ramp with Force Fields exactly when it’s needed, tanks perfectly with the Immortals when the Stalkers are low on HP. And so on.


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I bet my strategy of grouping all my units into a blob, hitting a and then clicking would beat him. I’m playing the campaign on hard, so I know what I’m talking about.