Promised Neverland Fans Aren't Thrilled With Season 2

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If you’ve read The Promised Neverland manga, you might have noticed something missing in the anime’s second season.


Warning: This article has spoilers.

In anime’s second season has omitted the Goldy Pond arc, ditching all these chapters, and skipping ahead in the storyline. For many readers of the original manga, this arc is among their favorite. It’s packed with action and interesting characters.

Fans in Japan and abroad have been complaining about the omission—even demanding that the anime be fixed and the arc added.

As Den of Geek points out, because of this omission, episode five rushes the return of Norman, undercutting any sort of climatic emotion.

Cutting the Goldy Pond arc seems to indicate that the anime could be rushing to a quick conclusion. If so, it might make the show streamlined, but the season, and the anime itself, could ultimately suffer.

When any work is adapted, whether that’s a manga or a novel, changes will be made. Sometimes those changes can improve the adaptation and other times they can make it much, much worse.

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So you’re saying that the production team behind the promised second season to Promised Neverland that sounded promising was not as promising as originally hoped?