Last week I challenged the master image manipulators of our readership to design the E3 2014 signage they'd like to see. I guarantee what they've come up with is better than the real thing.

Here's what's going on on the outside of the LA Convention Center right now, via Attack of the Fanboy:

How boring. Not one explosion with Nintendo's Satoru Iwata walking away from it in slow-motion, as in this week's winning entry from Deemenator. Reality, cursed to forever be bested by dreams. Hell, in reality Iwata isn't even making it to the show this year. A good look at the next big Zelda game, on the other hand — that could still happen.

In fact, anything could happen, except for any of our standout entries making it to the top of the convention center this year. What a pity.

Cheddarface — because every Watch Hogs reference is golden.

CheekyDesign — for going over the advertising budget.

RickyTheVoice — for bannerception.

Bashi — because it deserves it.

Ntbusso — the reason DLC, only $2.99.

Kcity — because I just got the joke

toolsoldier — because it really did.

FazerGS — though I am pretty sure that name is retired forever.

DudeGirlz — for making me glad I'm staying home again.

FabulousNickname — Nooooooooooooo!

Railgun — because sure, why not?

MrRainbowRoad — because it does, technically.

marrOw — because I'd still buy it.

Nick Gapp — because I did not expect this.

curugon — for pumping up the jam.

Major Salty — because I was mean to Watch Dogs.

Turbolence88 — for Jalopnik's sake.

bafarlamu11 — OMG Putt Putt!

Chury Sanson — because some of us get it.

FoeJRed — for a pronounced lack of faith.

Arch Duke Maxyenko, can into — for reals.

Nick M — because he would die.

Brandon0151 — because that body is always ready.

GiantBoyDetective — because we needed this.

arniejolt — because that is no Happy Meal.

[A] — because nothing changed.

MrDeadScott — because one day...

Ganonthegreat1 — for the birds.

sciteach — because I am pretty sure it was just like this.

azureguy — for fanning the flames.

trixster90 — because that's what it would take.

Greg The Mad — for being the sanest one here.

MasterChef_117 — for almost getting the German right.

uscg_pa — SHARKS!!!!

Aryn — for diversity and equality, like they said.

theomeganerd — stop making us cry.

and finally...

Deemenator — for the win!