Project Gotham, Audiosurf Coming To Zune HD

This is agonising. I mean, on the one hand, my favourite racing series of all time - Project Gotham - has a new game coming. But on the's not for the Xbox 360. It's for the Zune.

It's called "Project Gotham Racing: Ferrari Edition", and can be glimpsed oh-so-briefly in that Zune gaming video we showed you the other day.


I love PGR, and was sad to see it go by the wayside when Bizarre Creations split for Activision. But a Zune game? Made by someone who is not Bizarre? It's just not the same.

On a brighter note, the Zune HD will be getting a more appropriate game later this year, with Audiosurf Tilt, a Zune version of the classic PC rhythm title, being ported to a device that's as perfect a fit as you could hope for.

One final game announced today was Vans Sk8: Pool Service, but we know nothing about it other than the fact it'll involve skating, and perhaps the prospect of even more ridiculously misspelled words.

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