Professor Layton & The Curious British DS Bundle

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This Mother's Day, I bought my mum a DS Lite and a copy of Brain Training. I wasn't the only one. But what about Father's Day? Dad's not going to be impressed with something constantly reminding him how old he is.


Nintendo and Level 5 to the rescue, then. This bundle, timed to coincide with Father's Day, is being offered in the UK for around £120 (USD$195), and includes a black DS Lite, a copy of Professor Layton and the Curious Village and probably the best bundle box art we've ever seen.

Sadly, the art doesn't continue onto the DS itself, which is a standard black, but then this is targeted at your Dad, not you.


[via MCV]

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I thought the Layton puzzles were too easy and so the game got kind of boring?

I'm surprised to see it get so many sequels.