Professor Layton And Ace Attorney Co-Starring In Upcoming Title

Phoenix Wright meet Professor Layton. Capcom's lawyer is going to appear in a game with Level-5's famous puzzle-solving sleuth.


Today in Tokyo, Level-5 revealed a Professor Layton and Ace Attorney crossover Nintendo 3DS game currently titled "Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney".

Ace Attorney creator Takumi Shuu will be working on the title, and the game's theme will be puzzles that are full of contradictions. Sounds perfect for a legal puzzle mash-up.

The game is set in Labyrinth City. The background is medieval, and the city is populated with witches. The villain is named the "story teller" and whatever he writes with his pen becomes reality.


The in-game trial is called "The Trial of the Witch", since Phoenix Wright's client is accused of being a witch.


【速報】LEVEL5 VISION 2010で、まさかの『レイトン教授VS逆転裁判』制作発表!! [Kotaku Japan]

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