Not even Saiyan armor can save this guy from a quick defeat.

If you tuned in to last night’s WWE NXT show, then you might have seen a segment featuring the unstoppable Baron Corbin and a wrestler wearing iconic Dragon Ball armor:

Here’s the armor from the DBZ anime, for comparison’s sake—different color, but similar design:

Unfortunately, the wrestler loses the match mere moments after it begins. It’s a bummer. But still! Kind of awesome to see someone sporting a Dragon Ball getup on this stage, no?


While the clip above doesn’t identify the DBZ wrestler, my guess is that it’s ‘Mr. 450’ Hammett—a Puerto Rican pro wrestler that has finishing moves such as ‘Final Flash,’ and ‘Saiyan Driver’ according to Wikipedia. He is known for wearing Saiyan Armor on occasion, amazingly enough. Hopefully Hammett’s next appearance on NXT can be worthy of such dramatic attire. I’d love to see a DBZ fan make waves in the WWE!