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Pro Tennis Ace Injured Playing Video Games

Star British tennis player Andy Murray has injured a tendon in his hand after playing a game with doubles partner Dani Vallverdu. A game of Pro Evo, that is.

"boselllliiiiiii hahaa I just lost 1 match to dani at the new pro evolution and I think I broke my hand! The new one is so good" he wrote on his Twitter account earlier in the week. And no, we don't know what "boselllliiiiiii" means either.

It wasn't quite a break, Mr. Big Tough Tennis Player, more a tendon sprain. But still. I've played a lot of video games in my time, and the worst I ever hurt myself was a calloused thumb on a Gran Turismo endurance race. If you're a pro athlete and getting tendon sprains playing Pro Evo on the PS3, you need to take it down a peg!



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