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This past Wednesday Erika "Skittles" Galegor, professional Project Gotham 3 gamer, was kind enough to meet me at the Flatiron mall in Broomfield, Colorado for an interview. We had to setup the interview pretty quick actually because as it turned out "Skittles" was leaving the next day for Los Angeles to compete in the World Cyber Games National Finals at 'E for All. So I decided to employ the help of two of my very good friends Andrew Croft and Matt Schultz to shoot the segment. What she didn't know was that we didn't only bring the camera, we rigged Project Gotham Racing 3 in the back of the car. America's Best To Compete at World Cyber Games Finals in LA


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Pretty entertaining, especially in your music selection.

Now I have a sudden serious hunger for some Ridge Racer action...