Pro Evolution Developers Talk Graphics, Stats, Updates

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In this clip, Konami's Aki Saito plays the part of "awkward tour guide" as we're shipped around the developers of Pro Evo 2010 while they tell us what they think is so different about this latest version of the venerable football series.


It's a shame they couldn't show any real gameplay footage. I mean, I could play full games of FIFA over a month ago, and Konami won't even show five seconds of proper in-game footage?



I actually loved PES 2009, I don't know why it got so much hate from people. I will say that PES 2008 was one of the worst soccer/football/futbol games I've ever played. But 2010 looks like a complete revamp more than just graphically.

I really havent been a FIFA fan ever since FIFA 98 (that was an awesome game) but I end up getting FIFA every year anyways (no idea why) I find the controls to be a bit sticky and the referee a but too strict sometimes. What killed the game last year for me was a small thing but drove me crazy: at the beginning of every match before the whistle blows all the players on the field have the exact same animation going on at the same time. :/

I'll probably get both this year too... sigh.