Print Version Of EGM May Be On Its Way Out

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Ziff Davis may shutter Electronic Gaming Monthly, according to Jason Young, CEO of the ailing publisher. The company announced earlier this week it was shutting down the print version of PC Magazine, a publication that has been in existence for 27 years, shifting focus to its online sibling. And it may do the same for EGM. Next year will be EGM's 20th year in print, should it last until summer of 2009 for its two decade anniversary. Young tells the New York Times that Ziff Davis is "considering" moving EGM to an online-only format on, but would not make the decision before end of year. Young blamed rising costs associated with print and decreased advertising as reasons for the closing of PC Magazine. Ziff Davis filed for bankruptcy earlier this year and is working on eliminating its debt. The publisher has shut down a number of print pubs over the past few years, including the Official PlayStation Magazine, GMR and most recently Games For Windows: The Magazine. PC Magazine, a Flagship for Ziff Davis, Will Cease Printing a Paper Version [New York Times via Gamasutra]

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Well if that's true I want my subscription refunded. I only read EGM on the toilet.