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Good Tuesday to you, Kotaku. I bring you glad tidings and an open thread. You may use it as you see fit, to discuss video games or not to discuss video games.

By the way, the above image of She-Ra and Hordak (and his various henchmen) was painted by Croatian artist Stjepan Sejic and seen on Superpunch. I just happened to like it and always had a fondness for Hordak. I'm quite guilty of watching She-ra, He-man and tons of not-so-great afternoon cartoons, even if I didn't actually enjoy them at the time. Hey, I was bored as a kid and loved watching television. Sue me!

Wanna talk about cartoons? Or painting? Or any of the following items of interest? Please do so in the comments.


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John Smith 1882

I had some stupid telemarketer call the house today and she called me Mrs. I'm a 26 year-old male!!!

I know I don't have the deepest sounding voice, but come on! How hard is it to tell apart a male and female voice?!

I wish I was as manly as Manly McBeeferton.