Prince Of Persia Producer Feels His Game Is Risky, Underappreciated

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Ubisoft's Ben Mattes could stand to have a few more "virtual pats on the back," guys. The producer of the new Prince of Persia, while happy with his new title, felt it wasn't sufficiently lauded.


Mattes tells IGN that the Ubisoft Montreal team took complaints about a lack of innovation and "taking risks" to heart. And no one seemed to care.

"What surprises me is how little these high level risks seem to be noticed and appreciated as attempts to shake up the industry and push things forward," Mattes said. "Perhaps I'm an idealist, but I think perhaps I was expecting a few more virtual pats-on-the-back for our attempts to do something new."

The PoP producer doesn't think that Ubisoft's the only one suffering from trying to listen to detractors of game design homogenization. He namechecks the competition, specifically the under-purchased Dead Space and Mirror's Edge, as some of this year's risk takers.

Perhaps some out of the box thinking about release dates is in order a little higher up the chain.

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WTF?!?? What is this Whining. There's no Whining in Game Development!! Let's get the "Pat-Pats" out of the way. Visuals? MEGA PAT. Music? MEGA PAT. Story? MEGA PAT. Amazing Idea for Combat Configuration? UBER PAT.

BUT GAME CRIPPLING PISS POOR COMBAT IMPLEMENTATION? EPIC FUCKING FAIL. Give me a break. Almost every fucking attack in the game is BLOCKED, leaving you to completely ditch the great combat layout and design, and just wait for QTE's to pop up. 30 Minutes ridiculously BORING fucking fights sitting around waiting for a QTE. That is the very definition of EPIC FAIL. This game is proof that you can develop a game with Beautiful Visuals, Great Music, a moving storyline and an awesome feel, (if not a bit repetitive at times), and then completely piss millions of dollars of development out the window, because a core component of the game, namely COMBAT, sucks COPIOUS AMOUNTS of diseased Thai Hooker ass. Fighting in this game is the Virtual Equivelant of banging your nuts with a spiked bat, then sliding down a slide of razors into a vat of Lemon Juice and Salt. I really wanter to Love the SHIT out of this game. Hell Yes it was innovative. But they screwed up combat so bad that no one will be willing to acknowledge that. I have to agree with many other folks here, but PP:TSOT and its sequels truly captured the experience much better. Sorry.