Prince Of Persia Getting Major DLC

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I won't spoil anything for those who haven't played it, but if you felt a little bummed/cheated by the end of Prince of Persia, you might want to look into picking up the game's DLC.


Due on February 26, the DLC will serve as an epilogue to the events of the game, along with adding two new player skins, a new boss (though he's a lazy re-skin), a new area to explore, new moves, a new power move (involving QTEs) and, least importantly, new, incessant dialogue between Elika and Nathan Drake the Prince.

No word on pricing yet, but as one of the aforementioned people left feeling a little bummed by the way the main game ended, the prospect of actually finishing the story may prove too good to pass up, cheap marketing ploy or not.

Prince of Persia Epilogue DLC Revealed [IGN]



So leave the game's story unfinished so you can release DLC so you can get an extra 10 bucks from people who want to finish it to be satisfied?

In this economy, can you blame them?