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Earlier this week we posted a picture of Dawasi "Tommy" Tawodi checking out the world of Prey 2. Turns out that single image won't be all we're seeing of Tommy in the sequel to the game in which he originally starred.


"He's a character that you encounter many times throughout the game," Human Head's Chris Rhinehart tells IGN. "It's not just a single cameo where he shows up and takes off. He's integral to the story and events on Exodus. One of the big things is, the unique abilities that Tommy has, specifically spirit walk and death walk, are integral to his role and how he actually fits into the story."


Added to Tommy's spiritual play is the ability to bounty-hunter your way through a Blade-Runneresque alien world of Prey 2 as air marshal Killian Samuels.

I cannot wait to play this game.

Tommy Returns in Prey 2 [IGN]

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