Prey Adds Noticeable PS4 Pro Features, Despite Advertising Them Weeks Ago

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When Prey first came out, players were confused to find that, despite coming in a box that claimed the game was “PS4 Pro Enhanced,” it did not look or play measurably better on PS4 Pro. Same resolution, same framerate, same options. Now, however, Bethesda’s finally added some bells and whistles.

Three weeks after Prey’s release, Bethesda has patched its System Shock-inspired shooter with a variety of specific graphical upgrades for the PS4 Pro. Here are the patch notes:

PS4 Pro Support added for:

-Enable Screen-Space Reflections

-Higher quality shadows

-Improved texture appearance

-More texture memory (stable streaming)

-Anisotropy 16x (from 4x)

-Improved visual fidelity

-Less LOD usage

-Dynamic lights show up further

-Particles are allowed to draw more pixels per effect

-Particle refraction enabled

It should be noted that, shortly after release, Bethesda responded to an irate thread about the lack of PS4 Pro support by claiming that Prey included “base requirements for PS4 Pro” out of the box. But if that’s the case, what are those base requirements? Functionality? A lack of fatal crashing bugs? Kotaku reached out to Sony for more information on the PS4 Pro requirements at that time, but we have yet to receive a reply. 


Better late than never, I suppose, but something’s weird about how this all went down. Either Bethesda’s got some more splainin’ to do, or the requirements for Sony’s “PS4 Pro Enhanced” stamp of approval are so low as to be almost non-existent.

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Foxstar loves Bashcraft

Sony is scared to death of splitting the userbase between base PS4 and PSPro owners, but it’s going to happen sooner or later. I’d bet hands down that Microsoft takes the first step by releasing a big game that plays like shit on non-Scorpio hardware and that game is followed up with a second one, a third and on and on and on.

Base Xbone and PS4 owners can threaten and make promises all they like, but the door to hardware refreshes was opened ages ago and it’s going to be a thing from here on out, so the sooner gamers get used to it, or give the big three a middle finger and switch to PC gaming exclusively, the better it will be for the big three and those willing to upgrade every two/three years instead of every 5+ years.