Earthbound by Melissa King heads this preview of artwork from the upcoming Fangamer + Attract Mode art show at PAX (updated to include more artwork):

Minecraft by Nicole Gustaffson.

Ico by Elise Tiffin.

Metal Gear Solid by Kelly Smith.

The Legend of Zelda by Wes Talbott.

Sin and Punishment by Dan Dussault.

Left Behind by Mingjue Helen Chen.

Haunting Ground by Kinuko.

Hyrule, Summer of '99 by Asif Siddiky.

Pikmin by Kyle Fewell.

Rez by Matthew Kenyon.

The Legend of Zelda by Kari Fry.

Mega Man by Winter.

Legend of Zelda by Ian Wilding.

Fez by Kevin Jay Stanton.

Princess Peach and Mario by Babs Tarr.

The Legend of Zelda by Scott Balmer.

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