Pretty Girl Eats “Disgusting Meat”

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The Wii has a family friendly image to the point where you almost expect every Wii game to be appropriate for all ages. Sure there are games like House of the Dead: Overkill and MadWorld, but they are rarities. Who would expect any kind of questionable content in a Zelda-esque adventure game?


And then Pandora's Tower comes along and creates one of the most unsettling images in gaming.

Ceres, the game's damsel in distress, must devour the "meat" of the monsters within the titular tower, or permanently transform into an eldritch abomination. This "meat" seems specifically designed to be the most aesthetically unpleasing item imaginable. It's purple, pulses, and is covered in slime. Watching Ceres' reaction as she forces herself to eat it only makes it more disgusting.

But even more unsettling is, how over the course of the game, she comes to love it.

Pandora's Tower is scheduled for release in Europe on April 13, 2012.


That's cool story element. Especially how she comes to enjoy it. It's unsettling, something that is rare in games. Very rare in fact. I'd say that Drakengard is one of the few that pushes those kinda boundaries.