MOBA games are super popular in China right now. Sure, they’re super popular everywhere, but they are particularly popular in China—that's why, when a netizen asked online what China does better than the US, the most popular answer was Defense of the Ancients.

Earlier this year, a question appeared on China’s answer to Quora,, asking Chinese netizens what China does better than the United States:

Today, What is China better at than the United States?

History is off limits, culture isn’t.

These years, studying at college has used up a lot of energy, and when I turned to find some positive energy, I couldn’t find any.

Please don’t ridicule or blacklist this.

The most up voted answer to date, with 2269 votes, is DotA. The answer was posted anonymously, saying that Chinese DotA is number one in the world. The anonymous poster also referenced China’s wins over the US from 2009's to 2012's WCGs to make their point. (The US did better than China in the 2010 WCG, though. China was also outdone at the International 2011 and 2013.)

The poster also explained why he picked DotA over something that China’s historically known to kick ass in, Ping Pong, citing that Ping Pong excellency in China can be attributed to a myriad of factors, whereas DotA is something that Chinese players excel at even though society and the government looks down on it.

The responses to this answer have even warranted an op-ed piece by Tencent’s gaming portal that supports the claim that China’s DotA skills are number one in the world. On top of that, the op-ed also proposed that China’s DotA skills can be an example of China’s national strength. A poll was included, and over 86% agreed that DotA abilities are representative of China’s skills as a whole.

So the gauntlet is thrown, international players. China claims to be the best at DotA, will there be a country that can take them down?


Top Photo: Dota 2 Wiki
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