Pretend You’re Best Friends with Batman or Joker When Gotham City Impostors Comes Out in January 2012

Illustration for article titled Pretend You’re Best Friends with Batman or Joker When emGotham City Impostors/em Comes Out in January 2012

Yes, yes: you're already pretending you're the Dark Knight in probable Game of the Year candidate Batman: Arkham City. But what if you've been waiting to pretend to pretend you're one of Batman's crew of crimefighters? You'll finally get your chance when Warner Bros. releases Gotham City Impostors—the downloadable first-person shooter Kotaku previewed here—in January of next year. There'll be a beta launching next month that will let you build a member of the Bats or Jokerz factions and test drive a homebrew avenger of the night or crime clown. A sign-up site for the beta is live now.


Beta Sign-Up [Gotham City Impostors]

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Is this Arkham City DLC, or a stand alone downloadable game?