President Obama Isn't In Madden's Championship Scene—But He's Still On For NBA 2K13

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One feature I was keen to check on in Madden NFL 13 was its treatment of the Super Bowl postgame. The past two years have included a trip to the virtual White House, complete with an in-game President Obama, for the winning team. That doesn't happen in Madden 13


The reasons are very understandable. One, Obama's up for re-election, and Super Bowl XLVII will be held Feb. 3, after the inauguration. So there's a matter of authenticity. If Obama loses that election, he's not greeting anyone at 1600 Pennsylvania, regardless of who was running the country during the regular season.

The other is, simply, any depiction of a political figure in an artistic work is a political statement on some level, but it is especially so in an election year. Republicans enjoy the NFL and buy video games, too. Recycling the White House ceremony would surely antagonize some, and invite a needless controversy to an otherwise apolitical game. I'm sure the NFL also wouldn't want to be involved with that.


What's interesting is that 2K Sports, which likewise has included a White House championship ceremony featuring Obama, for those who win the NBA Finals, says the president will still appear in this year's version of the game. "Right now Obama is still in the game in the same manner he was in 2K12," a spokesman told Kotaku today.

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Doktah Doktah

Probably takes on a republican team and instead of doing anything they just argue about unimportant issues while the audience watches waiting for something to happen because until they can settle on something nobody is getting food or drinks to enjoy the show. Meanwhile a team owned by both the republicans and the democrats is actually doing stuff nobody is paying any attention too.