The time has come to prove your devotion to the dark overlords, aka, the most popular band in the universe, aka, Dethklok. Gather your virgins and slaughter your goats because the gods of metal demand their tribute. They have a bestowed a gift upon the world: Metalocalypse Season 3 on DVD and Blu-ray!

Season 3 of Metalocalypse comes fully-loaded with all ten rocking episodes and is overflowing with special features. All those altar-building workshops and late-night black masses have totally paid off.

And they took refuge in the skies and licked their wounds. That was until the hour of blackness came, the dead man would lead them to the Metalocalypse." - Gorlath Raelaine "The Metalocalypse Summit of the Dead"

Metalocalypse Season 3 is out now on DVD and Blu-ray. Head here to order.