Last week we unveiled our final picks for the Game of the Year nominees.

At the time I said we'd be publishing our arguments in defense of and against the games over the month. But after polling all of Kotaku Tower I realized that a few of us still need a bit more time to finish playing the games up for the annual award.


I was also reminded that last year's awards were handed out, metaphorically speaking, in mid January, after we'd all had plenty of time to mull over our thoughts and arguments about the games.

So that's what we'll be doing again this year. Sorry for any disappointment or inconvenience, but I'd rather give everyone here the additional time to prepare a solid argument then rush to judgement.

For those of you who missed last year's Game of the Year debates, here's how it works:

I poll everyone at the tower for their choice for game of the year. I then select a champion for each game. (Sometimes more than one person voted for a game.)


We all are given time to play as much of the games as possible.

Each game's champion write's up a defense for that title. The defense is passed on to the next writer who makes their own arguments for or against. Once everyone has had their say for every game we publish the stories as a series of debates.


Then a few days later, after we've all had time to mull over the arguments and make a final decision, we announce the single winner.

Last year it was Uncharted 2.

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