Preowned Customers Paying Extra? GameStop Doesn't Care

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The recent trend for publishers to lock out content to customers buying pre-owned versions of games was supposed to be a swipe at GameStop, but the giant retailer reckons the move won't hurt it one bit.

"We support the creation of added downloadable content for popular franchises, as we see that as extending the life of titles and broadening the base of game players", GameStop's Paul Raines has said.


"We do not anticipate an impact to our used margins due to this program. The amount of used game buyers currently playing online is low, and as it grows, our proprietary models will manage trade and sale pricing to reach margin goals."

And how will the company do that? One guess is that they'll simply slide the prices of any affected games accordingly, but another reason is a little more obvious.

"Lastly, we believe that the online pass process will allow publishers to better leverage their IP content through DLC sales to both used players and new game buyers". Which suits GameStop just fine, seeing as it's the biggest single seller of pre-paid vouchers for online marketplaces.


Doesn't matter how much the milk costs if you also control the sale of the cows...

GameStop optimistic about 'Online Pass' [CVG]

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Joel Rubin

Here's my problem with all the people that hate Gamestop:

I grew up playing Atari and NES games in Rockford, IL. The only places to go to get games charged upwards of $40-$50 for used games. They was complete shams—they lied to people, sold crappy broken shit and refused to replace, you had NO return policy (if it sucks, you're screwed) and they would give you pennies (PENNIES!) for most games. In addition, you would literally get mocked openly, treated like crap, and dicked around (no, you HAVE to buy this to get that discount).

Now we have Gamestop—fairly decent trade-in prices, try a game for 7 days and return it for credit if you don't like it, regular prices updated across the country, huge selection, good promotions. 2 games in 5 years I bought there were screwed up, even though the disc was in perfect condition they replaced it with no problem. The folks are nice, knowledgeable, and stick to game ratings (ask for ID or a parent to sell M-rated games), and they have great sales and pre-orders from time to time.

Comparing Gamestop to what I had to deal with most of my life is a huge improvement. So when people do nothing but complain, I really feel like dishing up a healthy serving of "Shut the Fuck UP!!"

Having worked for two alternatives (CD Tradepost and Slackers) I can tell you that Gamestop fucking SPARKLES compared to the BS that is pulled over on people at either of those stores. So quit your griping, and be happy that there are so many alternatives, but trust me when I say that GS is pretty damn good compared to a lot of other retailers out there.