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Starting this Sunday, people who reserve a copy of Pokemon Platinum Version will land a free Girantina Origin Forme figure.


The game, due out March 22 for the DS, will introduce the new form of the Girantina Pokemon as well as a few new features and online options.

"Pokémon fans know all about one-of-a-kind characters, and this figure is sure to get them fired up for Pokémon Platinum Version," said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America's executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. "More than 186 million Pokémon games have been sold around the world, making it one of consumers' favorite video game franchises. Pokémon Platinum Version builds on that strong tradition of great games."


The free figure, handed out while supplies last, stands at 2.75 inches tall and was created by Kaiyodo.

I'm not a huge Pokemon player, but I'm fairly certain my son is going to want to pick this up.

In Pokémon Platinum Version, Giratina appears in its Origin Forme in the new Distortion World. Giratina is classified as a Renegade Pokémon of the Ghost/Dragon type. Giratina Origin Forme has the special Ability to Levitate, which makes Giratina immune to Ground-type attacks. Giratina will revert to its "Altered Forme" (seen in Pokémon Diamond Version and Pokémon Pearl Version) once a player encounters and catches it in Pokémon Platinum Version.

Players may transform Giratina back into its Origin Forme by having it hold a special item found in the game.

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