Moving up nearly three months to be here in time for The Masters, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 was given a March 29 release date yesterday. If you're so inclined, the major games retailers have listed their preorder bonus content.

Amazon gives you an extra club - the "Georgia Classic Putter," which gooses putting attributes by +10 and is usable both online and in career mode. GameStop's preorder incentive involves two courses. Xbox 360 preorders will get a code for Bethpage Black, scene of the 2009 U.S. Open. PS3 preorders will get a code for Turnberry, which hosted The British Open in 2009. Best Buy and Walmart have yet to list the game.

Additionally, a $69.99, PS3-only collectors' edition includes another five courses exclusive to that version, for now.

Pre-Order Bonuses for Tiger Woods 12 [Pasta Padre]